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Hope for the Philippines

By November 13, 2013Blog

$60 = 1 Water Filter = Clean Water for 100 people every day
Our goal: 200 filters for the Philippines

A few days ago, we were about to post an update on our trip to the Philippines exploring potential mobile factory sites. But there are greater needs to address right now due to Typhoon Haiyan. We are in communications with our partner organizations who have been in the Philippines for years providing aid. We are grateful for good people on the ground who are responding with care and they will need help for a long time to come. The devastation is beyond words. Communication channels are down, roads are not accessible, and people are without clean water, food, shelter. Our partners in the Philippines will be updating us with concrete needs as it will take time to assess the damage. In the mean time, Faces Apparel is committed to supporting where possible. Our first priority is to raise funds which will go towards providing clean water and other basic needs. Our team members and partners have already successfully worked to bring clean water to the Philippines in the past so they are equipped to implement quickly. They just need the filters.Please consider donating to get these water filters to the Philippines. Each filter costs $60 (1 filter gives clean water to 100 people each day). Our goal is to set up 200 filters. Would you help us reach $12,000 for the Philippines? Any amount helps! Click here to give:

All donations will be processed through our non-profit organization, Faces Behind the Label (501c3), and are tax deductible. Funds designated for the Philippines will be used directly to impact typhoon victims and we will report back to donors of how funds are used (with the exception of credit card processing fees, shipping, and duty/tax, no additional money will be taken out for overhead).  We will provide periodic updates with details on specific partners and locations that will be using these filters. Donations will be handled with integrity and sent to partners on the ground in the Philippines who we trust and are already working hard to provide care in the Philippines.  For additional details or questions: Email

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