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Reversing the Cycle of Child Abandonment

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Watch Mike’s Update from Fashion Week in Paris, France:

What if we could reverse the cycle of child abandonment in countries like the Philippines?

It’s common for parents to migrate in order to find work and in so doing leave their children behind in the care of others. As you might imagine, this can create a number of problems as families are split apart with some children never seeing their parents again.

The fashion industry plays a role in this conflict. Many working individuals find jobs in clothing factories in cities far away from their children. They migrate because they can’t find work closer to home.

But what if they could? What if there was a structurally sound factory right near their community? What if that factory paid fair-wage, or above fair-wage for their labor? Families would not have to be separated. Children would grow up under the care of their parents. And parents would be able to financially provide for their children in a safe working environment.

Faces Apparel was in Paris this past week for Fashion Week 2014. We were able to see first-hand what the new trends will be in color and design. Help us deliver these new trends to the market while at the same time providing fair-wages, safe, and sustainable working conditions to families throughout the world.

Buy Faces Apparel, share us with your friends, and change lives.