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Funds for the Future

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Watch Mike’s Minute Update:

What if you could positively impact an entire village for several generations?

Even more shocking, what if you could do this simply through purchasing a T-shirt?

Faces Apparel is a unique company because of our commitment to provide fair-wage jobs specifically in communities of need. In 2014, we hope to launch our first mobile factory that will provide a safe and local working environment for 24 individuals in the Philippines.

Why does local employment matter? In countries like the Philippines many working individuals need to travel thousands of miles to find jobs. They end up leaving children, spouses, and dependent parents behind, thus breaking up the family and perpetuating existing issues of poverty.

But we won’t just be changing the lives of 24 individuals through mobile factories. The lives of their children, spouses and parents will also be changed. Ultimately these jobs are positively impacting an entire Philippine community, not just today, but for generations to come.

Here’s How You Can Help

Faces Apparel is in the final rounds of a grant process with FedEx to win $25,000. These funds will go towards launching the first mobile factory providing local employment, thus keeping 24 families connected.

Visit our FedEx page to vote for us every day until February 23, and share this with your friends to further the cause.

Buy Faces Apparel T-shirts and change a generation.


A T-shirt Can Make A Difference

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Watch Mike’s Minute Update:

Did you know that buying a T-shirt can make a difference? Faces Apparel is not just another wholesale T-shirt company. We aim to produce and sell 100k premium, blank T-shirts in 2014 so that a mobile factory can be built in a community of need. Jobs will be provided in an area where there would otherwise be none. Families will remain intact because parents will not have to travel hundreds of miles for work. A job in a healthy environment will be available within walking distance of their home.

As you think ahead to 2014, keep Faces Apparel in mind. Whether you are running a marathon, volunteering at a kid’s camp, or printing T-shirts for your business, consider using Faces Apparel’s blank shirts. For every shirt that you buy you are building sustainable and healthy jobs around the world.

Help us reach the goal of selling 100,000 shirts in 2014 thereby launching the first mobile factory in a community of need in the Philippines. Together we can provide new jobs for at least 24 people for every mobile factory in the coming year.

A T-shirt truly can make a difference. Check out our v-neck and crew shirts to shop.