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A T-shirt Can Make A Difference

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Watch Mike’s Minute Update:

Did you know that buying a T-shirt can make a difference? Faces Apparel is not just another wholesale T-shirt company. We aim to produce and sell 100k premium, blank T-shirts in 2014 so that a mobile factory can be built in a community of need. Jobs will be provided in an area where there would otherwise be none. Families will remain intact because parents will not have to travel hundreds of miles for work. A job in a healthy environment will be available within walking distance of their home.

As you think ahead to 2014, keep Faces Apparel in mind. Whether you are running a marathon, volunteering at a kid’s camp, or printing T-shirts for your business, consider using Faces Apparel’s blank shirts. For every shirt that you buy you are building sustainable and healthy jobs around the world.

Help us reach the goal of selling 100,000 shirts in 2014 thereby launching the first mobile factory in a community of need in the Philippines. Together we can provide new jobs for at least 24 people for every mobile factory in the coming year.

A T-shirt truly can make a difference. Check out our v-neck and crew shirts to shop.