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Not Just Where, but Who

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We’re glad to see conversations in the news about ethical production and a movement towards knowing exactly where consumer products are made as articulated in a recent NYTimes article. While it’s going to be a long road for the apparel industry as a whole to become more socially responsible through corporate engagement, at Faces Apparel we’ve developed our entire business model with social good in mind. We’re doing what we can to not just tell consumers where the shirt was made but WHO made the shirt. Who are the factory workers? Where did they come from and what are their hopes and needs? Mike’s journey in the fashion industry has helped his community and our team come to understand that these Faces Behind the Label® usually come from far away places in search of work. They’re migrants that had to make the difficult decision to leave children and home behind just to survive. And when Mike asked factory workers what they wished for, do you know what many of them said? “I want to see my children. I haven’t seen them for years.” So while we work towards connecting you with the Faces Behind the Label® and bringing jobs to struggling communities so families can stay together through our mobile factory initiative, we hope you, the consumer, ask not just where your clothing comes from but WHO made it to help push the apparel industry towards better engagement in both business and community.


Ready, Set, Go!

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Finally, Faces Apparel is ready to go. T-shirts are ready for purchase, website is up, and our Mobile Factory Initiative is moving forward. Through the highs and lows, the mission to bring a sustainable solution to people in poverty AND provide a great product at the same time has been our driving force.

Our hope is to eventually set up mobile factories in rural areas so that people do not have to leave their children in search of work. Less abandoned children in the world? Sounds good to me! With families staying together and people gaining job skills, their local economy also improves, creating a healthier community and breaking the cycle of poverty. Click here and join our journey as we make T-shirts, dream big, and fight poverty one mobile factory at a time!

You can read more about our journey of starting out as a small fashion show to becoming a social enterprise here.

Our New Logo – Remembering the Face Behind Every Label

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Drum roll please… tada! Introducing our new logo.

Back in December 2012, the amazing team from Create Culture developed this image which represents our belief that every person should have the opportunity to work and create a life for themselves and their family, hence the equal sign.

This logo is also a reminder that there is a FACE, a person, behind every product and label we purchase. The person that made our clothing has a story and many times it’s a story of poverty and abandonment. But those stories can also become testimonies of hope.

Overtime, you will be hearing about these stories from people who make our T-shirts – stories of both the hardships and the HOPE. Now we just need to come up with a name for our logo. Nike has their swoosh, McDonald’s has their golden arches, and now Faces Apparel has…?