Bringing dignity, worth and hope to communities


Break the cycle of poverty by providing dignity, worth and hope. Learn about our microfactories and how they are transforming lives.


How can poverty be reversed?

On one of his many travels, our founder, Michael, came up with an answer.

Lack of local jobs is a large contributor to global poverty.  Adults are forced to travel great lengths for work, living in harsh conditions far from home.  Villages are left with only children and the elderly.  This void deteriorates families and community, perpetuating the cycle of poverty.

By bringing jobs back into the villages, families can stay together and break the cycle.  Faces Apparel is able to do this by building innovative microfactories.

We repurpose shipping containers and retrofit them into small garment factories, each enough to provide jobs for 10-12 people.  All of our microfactories meet international standards and are approved by Intertek/ITS, a third-party compliance inspection vendor.

Being in the apparel industry for over 25 years, we understand that creating a local supply chain is important.  Our microfactory supports all aspects of production from yarn, knitting, cutting, sewing to packaging.  Goods are then ready for distribution to local and export customers.

Creating something this special requires work.  Before breaking ground, we build relationships with the people in the community.  Being on the ground, we learn about their daily life – their needs, struggles, and values.  We find regional advocates who share our vision in local sustainability.

Microfactories are designed and customized to fit the community from climate and geographical needs, to cultural sensitivities, scalability and product offerings.

Once built, we spend time training those participating with the help of local vocational training services.  To ensure longevity, we also help to establish distribution channels for their products.

To better understand the process, here’s the story of our first microfactory.

For the past 35 years, Frontline Ministries has been helping the people of San Pablo, Philippines through education, social enterprise development and community support.

A large municipal garbage dump is located in San Pablo.  The dump is the sole means for survival for many in the community.  Adults and children alike scavenge the dump to earn a living recycling trash.  Children are pulled out of school to help as well.

Our microfactory in conjunction with Frontline’s education program helped transform lives, equipping adults with a trade skill and children with an education.